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Maverick, Airfoil, and sending XTension speech to my airport speakers around the house - Fixed

From: Shawn Ostermann <shawnostermann-AT-mac.com>
Date: 15 Oct 2014 16:31:46 UTC   (11:31:46 AM in author's locale)
To: XTension List <xtensionlist-AT-shed.com>
In a previous OSx update, XTension lost the ability to play speech through my house speakers using Airfoil. I never got around to tracking it down, but as a result, the boys didn't feed their fish a few times, and I missed garbage day once or twice. Anyway, you get the idea.

I contacted Rogue Amoeba about the problem and they got back to me in a few hours with a solution! The problem is that text to speech is now handled as a separate process under Mavericks (and possibly before), so grabbing the audio from XTension no longer works for speech. I wasn't clear in my question to them, so they answered about a different product (Audio Hijack Pro), but the solution was the same. The actual message is quoted below.

TL;DR: The trick is to hold down OPTION when selecting the Application to hijack the audio from in Airfoil (AFTER you've already played some text-to-speech in XTension. Then I was able to select "com.apple.speech.speechsysthesisd" in the pulldown and get my spoken audio alerts back. Maybe this will keep somebody else from missing garbage day!


Support Rogue Amoeba, great software and great support!!

Hi Shawn,

> Thanks for getting in touch with us. Unfortunately, Mac OS X 10.9 and later have changed the way Text-to-Speech works, such that it's not played as part of the app itself but it's part of a separate process managed by the operating system. Fortunately, Audio Hijack Pro can still capture it, it just needs to be set up specially.
> To do this, go through the following steps:
> 1. Launch Audio Hijack Pro.
> 2. Make sure the Instant On component is installed from the Audio Hijack Pro menu in the Menu Bar.
> 3. Create a New Session from the Session menu.
> 4. Launch TextEdit.
> 5. Run the Text-to-Speech engine at least once.
> 6. In the Input tab of your new session, hold the Option key while clicking the Select button next to the "<Select a Source>" label.
> 7. Find the item named "com.apple.speech" and select it.
> The next time you go to play that Text-to-Speech, you should be able to hijack and record that playback.
> Hope that helps!
> --
> Chris Barajas
> Rogue Amoeba
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