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Mavericks and Airfoil

From: Jeff Wooding <jeff-AT-qualitytubandtile.com>
Date: 15 Oct 2014 16:31:46 UTC   (11:31:46 AM in author's locale)
To: "xtensionlist-AT-shed.com" <xtensionlist-AT-shed.com>

Ok way back in January Shawn was trying to get Airfoil to play nicely with Mavericks. I think I found the workaround. The only way Airfoil likes to send audio is via System Audio, and not Hijacking XTensions audio. I think the reason for this is due to the fact that XTension just uses the audio from the system. So to satisfy this make Airfoil wake up connect to the specific speakers and go back to waiting to connect again. Now you are not sending all your audio to the remote speaker just the spoken text.

This is a great add on to my Alarm it is now talking alarm from my touch screens.

tell application "Airfoil 2"

connect to (every speaker whose name starts with "TO")

say "2 Car Garage is open"

disconnect from every speaker

end tell


Jeff Wooding

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