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What would you do?

From: Brian Williams <brwill-AT-me.com>
Date: 15 Oct 2014 15:42:27 UTC   (10:42:27 AM in author's locale)
To: XTension Discussion List <xtensionlist-AT-shed.com>
Hello, The breadth of the discussion using this subject definition was fairly large, but it is a wonderfully open question.

My read on the question was that the challenge was with a NAS-based iTunes library? I think I tried that once, and it was problematic (I cannot remember the issues - it was long ago and I am getting old...)

But what do I do now (in this regard)?

I have a basic Mac Mini (late 2012), headless, in a closet, with 4 external hard drives attached (USB). This MM is my Xtension/Backup/iTunes (Home Sharing)server.

One external drive (2TB) is an always-available iTunes library (currently 4,400 songs, 600 movies). I do not back this up as I keep my 'master' iTunes library on my MacPro (fully backed up to three different drives via Time Machine. I learned a long time ago that a single backup is almost worse than no backup.) iTunes on my MacPro is opened only when adding/deleting/transferring media files, and/or backing up my iPads. I use my MacPro for all the video processing (I capture HD video & audio via Firewire from my Motorola cable box using FireRecord, and use Handbrake to process the .ts files into AppleTV compatible M4Vs, with full 5.1. surround sound. My library grows.)

Another of the external drives is the backup (Time Machine) for the Mac Mini.

The other 2 drives, both 1 TB each. Both are partitioned into 2 500 GB drives. One partition for each drive provided Time Machine space for backing up the two MacBook Pros that we have. (i.e. there are two backups for each of the two MacBooks - one physical drive has backups for both MacBooks, the other physical drive has the same (almost - one hour differential, using Time Machine).

I have 3 AppleTVs, and 4 Airport Expresses in play. All are Ethernet connected. I use WiFi only for portable devices - iPad, MacBooks.

As mentioned, the MacMini is also my Xtension server. I have 2 Barionet 100s (with extension devices) in service, connected to Xtension via Ethernet. My CM11 is connected to the serial port of one of the B100s. The serial port of the other is my gateway to my HRV (NRG). I now also have a VeraLite on the wired network. I use Web Remote for home automation reporting and control. I have many Barionet ports yet to be deployed and am continuously making script changes and hardware changes (I almost wrote improvements, but that could be debated).

To my knowledge, I've not had any iTunes / Xtension / Time Machine conflicts. This may be due to my fully wired network. My Airport Extreme does have an external HD attached because it can. The files that I keep there are unprotected (i.e. no backup) I have another router (D-Link DI-704) providing a different subnet for some experimental work (my Internet subscription offers me 3 IP addresses - I have a switch after the modem that interconnects to the Extreme and the DI-704.)

Maybe there are aspects of my arrangement that might resolve challenges identified in this discussion.

On a side note regarding these archives. I have long pondered how to present my "issue." IMHO, or simply IMO, many writers do not trim the excess quoted text from their contributions. Sometime, a short sentence contribution results in a pages-long email message. Please trim the quoted text.

I subscribe to the digest version of the Xtension Discussion, but it is a challenge to read the discussion there (in Mail) because of the excess text, so I do my reading from the online archives. However, the e-mail digest does serve its purpose. Since I keep all my email (sans Junk) on my MacPro (fully backed up), Spotlight indexes all the e-mail, and it provides an incredible search capability for any and all subject matter that may have been discussed.

Regards to all, Brian

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