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Palm Pad Funnies?

From: George Handley <ghandley-AT-kc.rr.com>
Date: 15 Oct 2014 15:42:27 UTC   (10:42:27 AM in author's locale)
To: List XTension Discussion <xtensionlist-AT-shed.com>
Dear XTensioneers,

I believe everyone, at one point or another, has seen some X10 flakiness that they can’t explain or replicate.

OTOH, after four years I am able to finally understand the cause and effect of what is a repeatable funny that I still can’t understand.

I’m figuring someone here can explain it to me.

I use two sets of Palm Pads to control our home. Their signals are all received by one W800 on a WIZnet card putting the signal on my network to XTension.

I use a white PP set to house code P for controlling all the lights and other appliances, and a black one set to house code L dedicated to just my synthetic butler, Arthur, who will either say certain things I want to know, or turn on or off the bedroom or outside speakers, his volume or just to turn him on or off.

For a long time, there was something turning on our Center Hall lighting P6.. Last night I was able to consistently turn on the Center Hall lights that should ONLY be controlled by the white PP P6, but I found many times, not all, that when I press Arthur's L4, which tells me the hot tub temperature, it would instead turn on the Center hallway lights.

This morning I examined the code on L4, and as expected, there was no such code to do anything to the Center Hall lights in L4.

So, my next conclusion is that evidently, these PPs, or the W800, or something, can completely send the incorrect RF signal?

Has anyone seen this, and is there anything I can do to eliminate or reduce it’s frequency?



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