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PIR motion detector

From: Dee Dee Sommers <deesquared-AT-mac.com>
Date: 15 Oct 2014 15:42:27 UTC   (10:42:27 AM in author's locale)
To: XTension Discussion List <XTensionlist-AT-shed.com>
I just got one of the PIR motion detector units from mytaglist.com.

I like the tiny size!
Anyway, I am trying to set it up to talk to XTension the same way as the wireless tags talk to XTension.

Has anyone put any of these into action yet? My wireless tag is now talking to XTension. I’m pretty happy because it is attached to the garage door.. Now when the door is open, via the wonderful XTension interface :-), a small nightlight in my family room turns on. When the door closes, the light turns off. (I need to get maybe an LED light). I know this is like so incredibly elementary, but it’s my start. If I can figure this stuff out and get ideas how to apply it in my home, then I can use it where I really need it. YAY!

Thanks for any input.
btw, the PIR sensor doer work. It is sending messages to the Kuomo app and sending emails. So clearly, the lack of communication with XTension must be my configuration. Dee Dee

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