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(en) Germaine Greer, Sydney Libertarianism and Anarchism

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Date: 27 Jan 2002 14:21:49 UTC   (09:21:49 AM in author's locale)
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New index and subject pages on Sydney Libertarianism and Anarchism:

This index page has links to articles on the basic history of Sydney
Libertarianism and the Push, the basic philosophy, and some of the

I have specific pages on the following anarchist individuals:
Darcy Waters
Jack Grancharoff
Germaine Greer
Harry Hooton
Wendy Bacon (Kensington Libertarians)

Of the above, Darcy Waters was a core person of the Sydney Libertarians.
Jack Grancharoff and Harry Hooton were part of the social scene of the Push
and were active in specifically anarchist groups in Sydney. Wendy Bacon was
part of the 'new blood' in the 1960s of the Libertarians and the Push scene.

Germaine Greer was deeply influenced by the Sydney Libertarians, but reacted
against the patriarchal nature of the social relationships. She considered
herself an anarchist before arriving in Sydney. 'The Female Eunuch' is a
classic women's liberation text very much informed by her anarchism. By 1972
she was calling herself an anarchist communist when she revisited Australia.
I have published a discussion with Greer from 1972 which delves into her
views on politics and revolution.

In 1999 she was still calling herself an anarchist, when asked in an
interview about her book, 'The Whole Woman'. Germaine Greer is probably the
best known anarchist from Australia, although she is famous for her views on
patriarchy, sexuality and women's liberation, not as an anarchist. Although
her books do not mention anarchism, they are important liberatory texts
often drawing upon the anarchist philosophy.

with solidarity
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