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Re: Doctor HTML

From: Laura Shape <lshape-AT-MSMEDIA.COM>
Date: 30 Sep 1996 16:02:56 UTC   (12:02:56 PM in author's locale)
> Where did this cult of the html jock come from? It's got no future,
> you understand... ;)

And that's where I feel you're wrong. In the fast moving world of the
web, the WYSIWYG programming software will not be able to keep up with
the browsers. You see, every new browser allows for new HTML commands
(i.e. tables, frames, style sheets- yay!) and unless r&d for the
software companies know well in advance what the browsers will be able
to do and they can release at the same time, then it'll always be the
people slingin' the HTML by hand that will be able to use the newest
grooviest tricks. And when you think about the idea that the WYSIWYG
editors, Java, and all the other for-the-web cool tools are only calling
on HTML to do their work, doesn't it make sense to know the basic HTML?
Believe me, I'm an avid WYSIWYG user - Quark and Photoshop being my
faves, but when it comes to the web, learn the code. HTML is really a
piece of cake to learn, and the results of the designer knowing the code
as opposed to trying to teach the programmer good design make all the
difference in the world. The way we handle things now at our company is
I, the designer, do all the art AND the original HTML layout, setting up
templates for the programmers, and then they fill in the blanks (make
sure all the links are right, that sort of stuff). It has made all the
visual difference.

Learn it!

Laura Shape
Creative Manager
MindShare Media

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