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Re: Doctor HTML

From: James Souttar <ancient-AT-URIZEN.DEMON.CO.UK>
Date: 30 Sep 1996 21:47:57 UTC   (05:47:57 PM in author's locale)
Le Iatromante :

>I've tried a PageMill demo and it's just hype for me. It's better in
>my view to learn a bit of html. I think PageMill and Navigator Gold
>are not even good for the beginners because they do not know how it
>works : it's just puting an interfazed curtain over html.

You mean, like PageMaker 1.0 put an 'interfazed curtain' over
PostScript (and now all *serious* desktop publishers code in
PostScript, right?). Did us a lot of harm, not knowing how to do all
those neat things with vm or the file operators... [did it hell!]

As I understood it, Tim Berners-Lee designed (if that is the right
word) html as a language for applications to generate. That was
certainly the intention behind his first integrated browser/visual
html editor written at CERN (and which we used to run on NeXTSTEP in
the days before the world went completely troppo over the web). For
the record, that program was *surprisingly* like a PageMill
prototype, making use of lots of neat NeXTSTEP features like
drag-and-drop everything.

Where did this cult of the html jock come from? It's got no future,
you understand... ;)


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