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Re: HTML Different Strokes

From: Anja Bennis <anja-AT-IC.MANKATO.MN.US>
Date: 30 Sep 1996 21:51:28 UTC   (05:51:28 PM in author's locale)
>I use BBEdit 4.0, a text editor designed for programmers. It has syntax
>coloring (red for IMG tags, green for hyperlink anchors etc.), an HTML
>functions palette, multi-file search and replace, HTML and link
>verification, direct access to files via built-in FTP, spell check.. it's
>got moxie. There is also a freeware version, BBEdit Lite.
>IMHO BBEdit is like a good sous chef, while using PageMill et al is like
>programming a robot to cook.
>More info at www.barebones.com.

I agree, I like the bbedit 4.0, also. I recently went from the freeware
version to the pay version. It makes tables so easy!

Anja M. Bennis-Web Development
Internet Connections
625-7320 (800)-610-INET FAX 625-3723

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