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Re: Pirate Software

From: Le Iatromante <eyecon-AT-DMA.BE>
Date: 30 Sep 1996 21:48:11 UTC   (05:48:11 PM in author's locale)
>First of all, I don't support pirating of software and instead hope each
>are penalized to the full extent of the law. But the idea that software
>prices will fall if there was less piracy is a joke. Thats sort of like
>saying, when people stop stealing cars then car prices will go down. The
>reason for high software prices is the cost of developing the and the
>market range. If a company knew everyone was going to buy their software
>then the price would be dramatically lower. But the developers realize
>they are only going to hit a select groupof people who would need or buy
>it. In that case lowering the price a few hundred isn't going to make more
>people buy it.
I am not a financial specialist but in the law of demand and offer the price can
up when much peoples do buy the product and down when less peoples want it ,
it's a logic just to keep the balance I guess.
True with computer and software bizness it is quite different could some
expert explain me why ?
No I'm kiding ...UUUH uuuh 0_0
Could we go back to graphic chats ?
Oh no let's talk about shareware !!! I looooove shareware.
And I register them when I use these.


Read you soon ...
Le Iatromante ,

e-mail : eyecon-AT-dma.be
URL : www.dma.be/p/amphion/eyecontact/eyehome.html

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