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Re: Doctor HTML

From: Le Iatromante <eyecon-AT-DMA.BE>
Date: 30 Sep 1996 21:48:06 UTC   (05:48:06 PM in author's locale)
>>Hello All!
>>This morning I attended a short two hour workshop on Netscape "Gold".
>>I had never done any of the Web page designing myself as I wasn't
>>interested in learning all the html stuff...But it seems that is version
>>does all that..In two hours we had 'designed' a home page with hot links
>>to a second page and even had clip art graphics.....Is this the wave of
>>the future....Is this what PageMill does (all the html stuff for you?)
>>I thought that most of the features were like 'kit art' due to the
>>limited options with typography, rules, etc. but it was very user
>>friendly and I'd imagine that more variables will be on the horizon?
>>bk in ky
>Here, at our office, we hate Netscape Gold. But, I think it has to do with
>the fact that we have been using HTML for awhile now. After that,
>Netscape Gold and Pagemill are irritating because you don't have the
>control you have when using HTML. With my experience with Netscape Gold,
>I've found that the software makes many decisions for you that you would
>otherwise have control over. Anyone else had experiences with this?

I designed my 'heavy to download' website all in a realy basic html editor
(newest version quite improved).
I 've tried a PageMill demo and it's just hype for me.It's better in my view to
learn a bit of html.I think PageMill and Navigator Gold are not even good for
beginners because they do not know how it works : it's just puting an interfazed
curtain over html.
A good editor for the Macintosh is : HTML Editor 1.1.3 from Rick Giles.
It's a good way between a dumb text editor and a 'WYSIWYG' editor.
In fact the new version is perfect !
Just giving my opinion.
I love this list.


Read you soon ...
Le Iatromante ,

e-mail : eyecon-AT-dma.be
URL : www.dma.be/p/amphion/eyecontact/eyehome.html

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