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Re: netscape gold

From: Ron Savage <rsavage-AT-WIDOMAKER.COM>
Date: 30 Sep 1996 14:47:29 UTC   (10:47:29 AM in author's locale)
Sam Stevens wrote:
> >
> >Here, at our office, we hate Netscape Gold. But, I think it has to do with
> >the fact that we have been using HTML for awhile now. After that,
> >Netscape Gold and Pagemill are irritating because you don't have the
> >control you have when using HTML. With my experience with Netscape Gold,
> >I've found that the software makes many decisions for you that you would
> >otherwise have control over. Anyone else had experiences with this?

I sure have. I don't care for Netscape Gold, either. Right now, I
don't know of any way to control your layout outside of the workarounds
in HTML. And that's tough enough. Netscape Gold makes that impossible.
But between Photoshop and HTML, I can do pretty well.

Ron Savage
Williamsburg, Virginia

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