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Re: netscape gold

From: Aaron Lynch <aaron-AT-ASTUDIO.ORG>
Date: 30 Sep 1996 02:40:36 UTC   (10:40:36 PM in author's locale)
Sam Stevens wrote:

> Maybe I haven't had it long enough to be irritated. I kinda like it. It even
> "fixes" files created elsewhere, automatically adding image sizes for
> example. Still, I do end up eventually using notepad to tweak everything.

just wait until it "fixes" your javascript for you...
My only bitch about NS Gold / pagemill / sitemill is that they don't
_ask_ you before they make rather severe changes.

would it really be so hard to have a dialog box, similar to a spell
checker, come up that says <BOGUS> does not appear to be a valid tag,

add to dictionary
leave alone

How come wordperfect can check 50,000 words but pagemill can't check 30


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they ever press charges. "

- Jack Handy

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