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Why people pirate?

From: "Christopher John A. Cubos" <cjcubos-AT-WEBLINQ.COM>
Date: 30 Sep 1996 15:57:11 UTC   (11:57:11 AM in author's locale)
Hi all,

This is not a piracy campaign. But come to think of it, pirating software
isn't all that bad to some people. In fact, if you bought a software and
found out there's a better software, you'll end up buying the better one
or end up using your current software. This may not apply in countries
like the US where technical support and product information is readily
available and suppliers really support their customers. In most third
world countries like mine, there's not a single support available for more
than 10000 miles. To make things worse, the value of our currency is very
weak compared to other countries, thus making the value of a software much
more expensive and doesn't really gets your money's worth. Personally,
having to evaluate the software first before buying it is one crucial step

In my country, the average monthly income of computer graphic artist is
about P4,000.00 or US$160.00. If you were paid like this would you not
think twice about why people pirate software. And before I started my own
business, my salary reached about US$500.00 or P12,500.00, which makes me
one of the highest paid worker here. In Hong Kong, I asked a Filipino
sales clerk at Planet Hollywood how much she's earning, she said she was
earning about US$400.00 or about P10,000.00. Wow, just by sitting there
and waiting for someone to buy souviner stuff. And she was in a TAX-FREE
country, where the cost of living is much cheaper compared here.

In my case, as a developer of CD-ROMs, being ripped off your software
hurts a lot. The price of copying, however, is the same as buying the
original stuff. This way, people will be forced to buy original copies of
my CDs. If they copy it, then I could just go to them personally and tell
them about piracy and stuff. If big software companies could come up
with a similar system of pricing and monitoring, at their level of course,
then they wouldn't have to resort to extreme measures against piracy.



Interactive Design Studio
Davao City Philippines

"Imagination Unleashed!"

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