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Why people pirate?

From: "Christopher John A. Cubos" <cjcubos-AT-WEBLINQ.COM>
Date: 30 Sep 1996 15:54:57 UTC   (11:54:57 AM in author's locale)
Hi all,

Another reason why many people pirate here is that most available software
here is pirated software. And if you'll try to buy software
outside our country, there's a big chance it'll get lost in the mail. So
no matter how people think piracy is bad, think of how worse it is to buy
an original here.

Have ever seen of a CD-ROM which contained about 50 software inside? (i.e.
Microsoft, Adobe, Macromedia, etc.) Well, I had seen one and it totally
shocked me to see such a CD-ROM that cost only US$10. And it's value
could reach US$10,000.00 or even more. Plus you can just buy it easily
like buying a cigarette in a store.

What makes it worse is that it doesn't matter if you have an original,
many companies don't really care you are using an original or not as long
as you get the job done. Those who buy pirated software also get to buy
more of them, since the price tens of them is prbably equivalent to just
one software. And they can gamble on buying many kinds of tools (which I
can't) because, again, they are much cheaper. And since they have more
tools, they can do more things for their clients. And the worst thing is,
no matter how much I hate piracy, like, you, there's nothing I can really
do about it because it is so prevalent.

If you lived in a country like mine, where so many people buy pirated
software, which translates to them being able to sell their goods and
services cheaper, therefore gaining an unfair advantage over those who buy
original software, what would you do?



Interactive Design Studio
Davao City Philippines

"Imagination Unleashed!"

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