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Re: Doctor HTML

From: fran sendbuehler <katiemur-AT-NOTHINGNESS.ORG>
Date: 29 Sep 1996 22:43:31 UTC   (06:43:31 PM in author's locale)
Speaking of "Re: Doctor HTML", Anja Bennis hath scrawled:

|> Here, at our office, we hate Netscape Gold. But, I think it has to do with
|> the fact that we have been using HTML for awhile now. After that,
|> Netscape Gold and Pagemill are irritating because you don't have the
|> control you have when using HTML. With my experience with Netscape Gold,
|> I've found that the software makes many decisions for you that you would
|> otherwise have control over. Anyone else had experiences with this?

Well... PageMill and other such WYSIWG editors have their use (initial
graphics and table layout), but only if you open those documents using
something like BBEdit to clean up the resulting HTML messes (extra tags and
html) that PageMill leaves behind...


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