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Comprehensive site for digital cameras

From: Michael Brady <jbrady-AT-email.unc.edu>
Date: 23 Mar 2004 23:52:08 UTC   (06:52:08 PM in author's locale)
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From time to time someone asks for advice or suggestions or information
about buying a digital camera. I just ran across this website, which
seems to be very comprehensive, detailed, thorough, and open.


You want to find info about a specific camera or manufacturer's
selection. Click in the list on the left. Want to find cameras in a
price range? Click in the list on the left. Camera species? Click on
the left. Megapixels? On the left.

It's been very helpful for me, all except for the part where someone
(moi) has to make up his mind! I've been led to the water, so now it's
up to me to drink.

I hope this is helpful.

Michael Brady

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