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Costs of printing

From: Michael Brady <jbrady-AT-email.unc.edu>
Date: 15 Mar 2004 14:16:38 UTC   (09:16:38 AM in author's locale)
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I'm asking folks on four lists about this:

Some of our printing is now going to direct-to-press printers. Today, I
spoke with a printer's rep about a reprint, which costs almost exactly
as much as the first printing. I didn't realize their system was in
fact direct to press: I thought they ran film and burned plates, or if
direct-to-plate, they kept the plates. The first printing was delivered
two weeks ago; now we want to reprint, and I thought I'd see a lower
price because of savings in prepress.

Not so with direct-to-plate (no film)! And they toss their plates, too
(they didn't expect to reprint the job right away, and neither did we,

So, the rep pointed out that although we would not see a lower cost
reprint, because the prepress costs would be about the same, we would
actually see a generally lower cost altogether, because they would
incur less prepress expense (no film, for example) to pass on to us.

Have you begun to run into this 'new math,' especially in terms of
reprint costs? Have you incorporated it into your Gestalt, so to speak,
or zeitgeist or other appropriate term--you know, your framework of
thinking about costs. For myself, not having used many DTP printers, I
still think in terms of prepress savings in the second printing, which
doesn't seem to be the case here, and probably in the future as we use
this printer or another DTP printer in the future.

Michael Brady

BTW, when I cross-post to several lists, I do so openly (no BCCs), with
the thought in mind that someone on one list might find another list he
or she would like to subscribe to.

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