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Re: Graphics Digest - 02/21/03

From: Nance Longley <longley-AT-umn.edu>
Date: 24 Feb 2003 19:03:48 UTC   (01:03:48 PM in author's locale)
To: The Graphics List <graphics-AT-lists.graphicslist.org>

I just attended a little Adobe-sponsored workshop on Acrobat and the
presentation was done in PDF. It was a revelation! Who needs PowerPoint?! If
there's any way to save your Corel files as PDFs you can create a
presentation that will not rely on having the fonts or graphics available to
run it, since PDF will save each page as an image file. I'm not sure whether
Corel offers an "export to PDF" option, but it might be worth looking into.
If you have Acrobat 5 you can also add bells and whistles like video clips
and such. Running the presentation is as simple as clicking the mouse to
select the next page. There may be a slide show setting, too, but I have to
admit I haven't explored it enough yet.

I've used PDF as a tool for sending projects to the printer and as a way to
get balky files with "postscript errors" to print on my ancient laser
printer, but I had never thought of using it as a presentation tool. The
real beauty of it is that you can create your files in a program that was
meant to do page layout (like Quark) and have a lot more control over the
design (without tearing your hair out).

Good luck!

Nance Longley

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