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Corel vs. Microsoft

From: Patrick Harrell <pharrell-AT-engr.uga.edu>
Date: 21 Feb 2003 12:43:58 UTC   (07:43:58 AM in author's locale)
To: "The Graphics List" <graphics-AT-lists.graphicslist.org>
I'm PC based (Please, no OS war. It was out of my hands). I have one client
who needed illustrations that required me to use CorelDraw. At the time,
they were being used for slides and overheads. I also had to put them into
Word publications, which presented very few problems. They were used in
combination with some larger MS PowerPoint files. Still no problem, since
the output was essentially print based. NOW the fellow is catching up to
technology and has started trying to give his presentations straight from
PowerPoint. Placing the Corel illustrations into PowerPoint has become the
job from hell. The illustrations are pretty heavy with equations, symbols,
super and subscript, etc., and the imported figures are not pretty to say
the least. Superscripts are way out of place...things just aren't working.
I've tried cgm, wmf, emf, eps, importing text as curves, and everything
short of a shotgun. I'm trying to save the illustration work without having
to redo all of the text involved,but bringing in the drawings and redoing
the text may be the last resort. I can probably acquire other, more
powerpoint compatible, software (whatever that may be) for the next time
but it doesn't help now. And PowerPoint is definitely what everyone has
gravitated towards around here even though it really seems to have some
serious limitations for scientific ilustration work. Anyone with this
experience please contact me on or off list and I will name any further
offspring after them..unless their name is Bill or Billy, William, or Gates.


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