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first post in a long while

From: Patrick Harrell <pharrell-AT-engr.uga.edu>
Date: 04 Feb 2003 14:40:07 UTC   (09:40:07 AM in author's locale)
To: graphics-AT-lists.graphicslist.org
Hey Folks!

Man do I feel stupid. I had been so busy for so long I finally got around
to noticing I hadn't gotten any graphics list posts in quite a while. I
thought the graphics gulch folks had died and gone away. Come to figure out
my email address changed and after our IT people took my alias off the
server I just stopped getting the posts. I was almost starting to wish ole
Leon would pay the list a short visit. For those who don't remember, he was
quite the controversial type.

Anyway, now to prove my stupidity..the point of my post.

Has anyone ever had the problem of saving fonts with a file and then still
having the fonts substituted incorrectly on other machines? I've had to do
some graphics with Greek symbols within corelDraw (v8) and then take them
into PowerPoint (97) or Word. I've used the option on some software of
including fonts with the file and I've even saved fonts as curves and it
isn't consistent. Bottom line..What's the most reliable way to make sure
the fonts are still there no matter where the file ends up? I never have to
send anything to the printers myself. But I know some of my files end up
with them and I've never heard of any problems there. It's always someone
in house who sees it on screen and can't print it correctly (probably not a
postscript printer?) I understand about font licensing and making sure the
proper truetype fonts are supposed to be available to the file. But it just
never seems to be reliable. And is the only way, for someone without a
postscript printer to have the greek symbols, superscript, etc., appear
correctly, to convert them to curves? I somehow think that degrades the
resolution of the output. Does anything I've said make sense?

Fontless in Athens,

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