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From: "Judith A. Jewer" <judithj-AT-museon.com>
Date: 24 Jan 2003 18:50:04 UTC   (01:50:04 PM in author's locale)
To: The Graphics List <graphics-AT-lists.graphicslist.org>
Hey everyone.

This may be useful.

Aquent has free white paper downloads - I have not read any of them as
yet, but if you would like to check them out go to:


this is what they have:

The AIGA/Aquent Survey of Design Salaries

2002 is the most comprehensive, unbiased picture of

the current design market available today. This survey

was produced by three creative community leaders - the

American Institute of Graphic Arts, Communication Arts

magazine, and Aquent.

NEW Use of Software Just as design is a designer's

creative property, computer software is intellectual

property that is owned by the people who created it.

This PDF offers insight into professional practices and

ethical considerations when using software.

Illustration: Professional and Ethical Practices

Illustration can solve visual problems and provide a

unique sensibility to creative projects. This PDF offers

insight into professional practices and ethical


AIGA's Design Ethics Series: Fonts Learn all the

do's and don'ts of the proper use of fonts. Fonts are

creative, intellectual property, similar to a designer's

creative work or a proprietary business product.

Business and Ethical Expectations for Professional

Designers This guide describes what it means for a

client to work with a professional designer, focusing on

business and ethical expectations and the AIGA

standards of professional practice. The second

installment of the AIGA Business and Ethics Series.

A Client's Guide to Design: How to Get the Most Out

of the Process Learn from leading designers and their

clients how to get the best results from the design

process. The first installment of the AIGA Business and

Ethics Series.

2001 RGD Ontario Salary Survey Canadian survey

on graphic design salaries and billing practices.

Produced jointly by the Registered Graphic Designers of

Ontario and Aquent. (Amounts are in Canadian


Managing Co-employment Risk When Using a

Staffing Agency If you hire temporary or contract

personnel, even through staffing agencies, make sure

to read this white paper to help safeguard your

company from potential legal responsibilities.

25 Photoshop Tips & Tricks If you use Adobe

Photoshop — or work with people who do — this

booklet will really come in handy. Learn how to warp

text, work with multiple views, trim excess pixels, and a

whole lot more.

Proposal Skill & Price Guide Aquent now represents

writers, editors, and proofreaders. Check out our handy

Proposal Skill & Price Guide and learn what roles these

talent can fill for you.

Print to Web Translation Tips Making the leap from

print to Web doesn't have to be stressful. Here are the

basics print designers should keep in mind as they

begin designing for the Web.

Preflight Checklist Bringing your files to a service

bureau is a little like gambling. You never know what

you'll wind up with in the end. Use this checklist to put

the odds in your favor.

Worker Classification Guide: Understanding

Employee and Contractor Status Misclassifying

workers is an especially risky business, particularly when

you say you're hiring 1099 contractors, and the IRS

thinks they're W2 employees. This guide can help you

find problems before the government does (U.S.

information only).

You have to complete an information form to get to download any of them.

Cheers, Judith


Judith A. Jewer R.G.D. - Helping small business communicate since 1998.
Muse on Design - Inspired Communication Design
Web Site: www.museon.com

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