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Re: Designing for the Real World (--hey, that's already taken!)

From: Gunnar Swanson <gunnar-AT-gunnarswanson.com>
Date: 11 Aug 2001 01:23:01 UTC   (06:23:01 PM in author's locale)
To: "The Graphics List" <graphics-AT-lists.graphicslist.org>

>The difference now is that for many of us, antiglobalism is about
>choosing to buy from smaller, local companies (companies whose
>profits are ploughed back into their communities). So, one get's
>one's veg from the guy who actually grew it at the farmers' market,
>rather than the multinational supermarket chain who've had if flown
>in from Chile. That's a bit of a daunting proposition for the
>marketeers. If they were a brighter bunch, I'd believe they might be
>able to rise to the challenge. And of course it's not impossible
>that McDonalds might one day offer a 'McLocalburger', served by
>someone with a McRealJob. But then who will have triumphed?

Although I am currently chewing on a tomato grown locally and bought
at a farmers' market, I live in the land of massive agribusiness.
Contrast that with my Chilean cousin who imports items ranging from
absurdly expensive girls' dresses to agricultural products. The
dresses are typical--her company puts money directly in the hands of
the Chilean women who do the intricate hand-smocking rather than in
the hands of multiple layers of import-export companies.

They have yet to start to colonize the poor Parisians but the taco
stand where I often eat breakfast (owned and run by Mexican
immigrants) has been successful enough that they now have four
locations. I dread the day when they are up to six and I have to
break their windows and scream about menudo imperialism.

I've been thinking about what the sell is for the Kyoto project. Do
you assume that self interest (in the form of your freezing of the
British Isles worries, for instance) is what will motivate people as
opposed to the doing-the-right-thing argument?

I prefer to wear organic cotton but not because I think it makes a
damned bit of difference to me when I wear the clothing. I see the
extra money as a tax that I can choose to pay to keep massive amounts
of chemicals from being sprayed even though I don't know if it would
be sprayed outside Bakersfield or near Astrakhan'. I suppose I might
have some small tendency to go to the farmers' market for the
political and economic good but most of the farmers there make most
of their money selling Ventura County's harvest hundreds or thousands
of miles away. Mainly I like the way the tomatoes and strawberries

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