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Re: Designing for the Real World (--hey, that's already taken!)

From: rick <mcbride3-AT-texoma.net>
Date: 10 Aug 2001 20:18:04 UTC   (03:18:04 PM in author's locale)
To: The Graphics List <graphics-AT-lists.graphicslist.org>
kcd said:

" If I walk into a
classroom interested in the subject being offered, and I end up bored
then there is something wrong with the class."

Not an unpopular attitude for people who insist upon being entertained; and
there are many of these, and they do indeed often manage to weave their way
through a university. And while that suggests that universities are
accommodating themselves to those who insist upon the "titillate me" ethos,
it also implies that fewer and fewer people will discover the rewards of
struggling with previously not-understood and misunderstood subject matter.

The pedagogy of Design is one of these subjects. I have yet to see a student
who understood what the basics of design were about, before spending much
much time in studying something about which they had not a clue.

Then too, I have marveled over why so many have put themselves through the
agony. Certainly, they did NOT go at with an inbuilt demand for

Is there a logo for "Have Fun Designing"?

rick mcbride
UTA (ret)

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