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Re: Design and public opinion - fully on topic

From: gregj <gregj-AT-dayspring.com>
Date: 10 Aug 2001 19:38:56 UTC   (02:38:56 PM in author's locale)
To: The Graphics List <graphics-AT-lists.graphicslist.org>
In the US elections, both the GOP and DNC on opposite sides of their
campaigns focused efforts on "the undecided". One element of this
difficult-to-quantify group that was highlighted and was a particular
strategic focus was that of communicating at the right time. Great effort
seemed to be made by both sides to ensure that at election time people would
have a fresh memory of something liked or disliked about a candidate ‹ or,
at least, an emotion of like or dislike for one or the other. Both
candidates could campaign ferociously, but the parties believed that when
the general population walked into the polls many would vote based on the
last thing that turned them on or off about a particular candidate.

This strategy of communication could possibly be more likened to a team
sport's immediate strategic play than a plan to change worldviews with the
ultimate goal of getting a vote. Making facts known and clearly expressing
them is, no doubt, one aspect of communication, but perhaps it really
connects and achieves desired results when an emotion can be captured.


on 8/10/01 2:11 PM, James Souttar at ancient-AT-urizen.com wrote:

> But both the recent US and British Elections show how little effect
> communications actually have in *changing* anyone's point of view.


Greg Jackson,
Concept Designer
DaySpring Cards

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