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Re: cheapie look

From: jbrady-AT-email.unc.edu
Date: 19 Apr 2001 20:43:53 UTC   (04:43:53 PM in author's locale)
To: graphics-AT-lists.graphicslist.org (The Graphics List)

> Come to think of it, there was such a store. When I last checked
> www.illgiveyouabucktotakemymerchandise.com was gone from the web and

You cut closer to the bone than you may have thought! I copied the
following blandishment from the signature line of someone else's email
message on another list. It's right on point:

----------------------- Yahoo! Groups Sponsor ---------------------~-~>
ClubMom is the first free organization dedicated to rewarding and
celebrating Moms! Join today - it's free - and get your chance to win
in our $5,000 Family Vacation Sweepstakes!

Free organization
....rewarding moms
....win $5,000

Ah, what more could you want, unless you wanted me to pay you to take my

Michael Brady
jbrady-AT-email.unc.edu www.unc.edu/~jbrady/index.html

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