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Re: cheapie look

From: Laurie Anne Lusk <llusk-AT-fcforum.org>
Date: 19 Apr 2001 17:38:21 UTC   (01:38:21 PM in author's locale)
To: The Graphics List <graphics-AT-lists.graphicslist.org>
I drove by that particular jewelers today, the big ugly sign guy, by
accident actually, and noticed that his ugly sign is now broken. Perhaps
he will either close or choose to improve. Maybe he's making a good
living selling crack (though I seriously doubt it as his wife sells
pasta in other shop not too far away). His area is turning more and more
"boheme" if such could exist in this starkly conservative town
(Tallahassee, FL).

So, good use of persuasive elements (art, design, sound and all their
sub-elements such as color, repetition, volume, size, etc.) is dependent
upon or dictated by the surroundings and one should always consider this
when setting about creating things.

A project that I am now encumbered with is:
illustrating and designing a small book (60 pages) on the real life
circumstances of an infants death in child care from the parents
perspective. The book includes a seven-point plan for dealing with the
hidden risks of child care, resources, etc.. The only inpiring thought
I've had so far is the use of soft pastels on textured paper

this really doesnt have much to do with the present thread of low priced
effective design, but I am studying this project as a challenge to match
the subject matter with the appropriate imagery and technique. It's kind
of a bummer...

Gunnar, do you really wear black satin dresses? Was that a statement?
Like belly piercing and tattoos?

Gunnar Swanson wrote:

> >what about those that do well by using that old worn out look to
> >advantage
> >say like... the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA???
> If the French Quarter started displaying too much "pride" it would
> start feeling like phoney nostalgia instead of the real nostalgia it
> feels like now. (Not that there's not a strong market for each but
> trying to be Main Street in Disneyland would require a few bars and
> voodoo shops to reconsider their approach to money-making.) And
> clearly what would seem tawdry and repugnant in a Mesa, AZ strip mall
> might seem way too suburban to work on Bourbon Street.
> Gunnar
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Laurie Anne Lusk

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