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The GRAPHICS mailing list was set up to provide a means whereby professionals and lay people could meet and discuss issues related to the theory, techniques, history, and practice of graphic design.

Keep in mind that most designers and academicians just don't have the time to engage in general banter and some are paying for their own net access, so try to keep post pertinent. But do feel free to participate. GRAPHICS belongs to you. It is only through active use that a "virtual community" will evolve.

The list is "self-moderated"— you are responsible for what you post. Because this is an unmoderated network, transmitting anything to it should be sent in proper form. Your message will be received better if it is clean, well-organized, and words are spelled correctly! Mailing lists, though, are bound to have their good and bad days for everyone where topics are concerned: some people want to discuss everything and anything, most want to read only the information they're interested in, so be considerate towards your all of your recipients…if you find yourself in a heated exchange with only one other member, it should probably be taken to personal email rather than the entire list.
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